Google’s Desktop Search Results Are Now Continually Scrollable

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Google brings constant scrolling to desktop search results in the United States.

Google is making desktop search results page more like mobile

with an update that lets users endlessly scroll through multiple pages. Constant scrolling is now presenting to desktop search results in the United States. In an email to Online search engine Journal, Google discusses how the SERPs will display up to six pages of URLs before prompting users to click on “more results”:

“… we’re bringing continuous scrolling to desktop so you can continue to see more useful search results with fewer clicks. It’s now even easier to get motivated with more information within your reaches.

Now, when you scroll down you’ll continue to find relevant outcomes so that you can find new ideas. When you reach the bottom of a search engine result page, approximately 6 pages of results will be automatically shown until you see a “More results” button if you want to continue further.”

As Google continues to fill the first page of search results page with ads, included bits, media, ‘people likewise ask’ boxes, and other functions, this upgrade is a win for regular websites.

Providing searchers the ability to scroll through 6 pages at once increases their likelihood of seeing more outcomes prior to hitting a roadblock.

We don’t expect this modification to impact reporting. Google noted last year, upon updating mobile search results to constant scrolling, that there’s no difference in Browse Console.

That’s because Browse Console tracks SERP positions, not pages, Google describes:

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